Saturday, July 24, 2010

Design on a Dime, Part 1

I like watching home shows on HGTV, especially  Design on a Dime. They tranform spaces with little $$.

I have a finished basement, with a bar. It's not bad, but it's one of those spaces that just doesn't look inviting. I have my cat's litter box behind the bar, so it gets a little, well, smelly down there. The floor is red linoleum. Red! Maybe they redid this basement in the 50's. All the walls are an old, brown paneling.

Keeping in mind that we didn't want to put any money into it, we went to work to make this space more inviting. I've lived here 11 years, and never did anything to it.

We started by waxing the bar top with car wax and George buffed it.

George replaced some of the ceiling tiles that had gotten water damaged.

I grabbed a paint brush and started going to town. We used the cream colored paint that was left over from redoing my son Austin's room into a den last year. Cost for paint $.00

George took the low spots, sitting on a garden utility rolling thing :)

We decided to only paint the west side of the basement, making a small area to have a drink, or relax. We painted that whole side in a little over 5 hours.

Looking good already!

It was hot down there too! We had two big fans going to keep us cooler.

We added some nice touches to the bar area, bringing down items from upstairs in the dining room. There is a small refrigerator on the end of the bar, and a cabinet down below the bar.

We hung some cafe curtains on the 4 windows. They are old, so the curtains hide them, but we can still open them to get some air.

We are tired and sore! There are a few more things to do, and we'll finish tomorrow. The finished space will look great! More tomorrow :)


  1. I am watching a lot of HGTV too. Looking for ideas of what we should do to fix up the house. So much to do! I have gotten a few good tips from some of the shows. Sometimes I think the designers just change things for the sake of making a change.

  2. Wow, that looks awesome! What a great feeling to make such a change in the space! :)