Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday "SURPRISE"!

George's 60th birthday is Wednesday the 14th so.......
Yesterday was a low key day. Did nothing but laundry, lay around on the couch and watch home shows, you know, the ones titled 'Flip this House', 'Curb Appeal', and 'Secrets that Sell'. Great ideas, not in my town :)
Did laundry as well.
Towards the mid-afternoon I had to come up with a plan to get George up to Wilkes-Barre to meet his daughter and son at Olive Garden for the surprise dinner I planned.

"I'm bored", I said. "Let's go to the movies". 'Ok, what do you want to see?' "Despicable Me", I said. George replied, 'Ok, what time is it playing?' At this point I had to be crafty. See, dinner was at 6 pm. I had to make up an excuse to see the movie in Wilkes-Barre instead of Hazleton, and time it just right as to not be too early, you see?
As he hadn't jumped in the shower yet, I delayed him just enough that we would miss the next showing in Hazleton, and make the 3:30 showing in WB. Perfect. It would get out at 5. Hmmm..what then? It's 5 minutes from Olive Garden. He still didn't know what was up, but wanted to go by his house and check some things out. Perfect! I stalled us there as well by looking around, deciding where my furniture could go in the house, which bedroom we should use for the master, etc....

So then..."Do you feel like eating somewhere up here?", I asked. 'I don't care, wherever you want', he replied. "I have been craving Olive Garden." I said. 'Good idea!' he said. Wow, couldn't have worked out better.

When we got there, his daughter Heather was in the parking lot, George didn't see her, but I did and said "What are you doing here?" Course, by then the jig was up. George was so surprised!

We had a nice dinner, their food is pretty good. I had arranged for a cake, Heather picked it up for me and brought it to the restaurant. His son Chris was there as well, we all had a good time. I have 3 friends that serve there, so they helped out a bit with the cake, singing etc. It was pretty cool! Of course, I didn't have my camera, because why would I bring my camera to the movies? Right? Good ole' Iphone to the rescue. I took a few:

My present (and surprise) to him was an overnight bus trip to Atlantic City on Wednesday and Thursday. He had already taken the week off anyway, so it was easy to pull off :)

All in all, was a good time. George was surprised, he loved his gifts. Makes turning 60 not so bad! Besides, with any amount of luck, 2 years from Wednesday, he can retire! Woohoo!


  1. Hope the two years goes by quickly and happily.

  2. Happy Birthday George!

    While 60 is a cool number, bet you wish it was 62!! Can't wait for that number ourselves.

    Enjoy Atlantic City!!

  3. hello..found your blog through Nellie(our favourite wacko blogger)..thought we would read along for a while!!..and Happy Birthday George!!

  4. Happy Birthday George! from a new friend.