Thursday, April 4, 2019

Chef Duel!

Folktale Winery
Carmel, CA

My son Adam, who is a pastry sous chef at 7th & Dolores steakhouse
was recently part of a Chef Duel held at Folktale Winery.

I accompanied Adam's father in law over to watch the goings on.

The duel paired two chefs preparing a savory bite,
then the two pastry chefs with a sweet bite.

The event was held in the winery's barrel room,
which was a perfect place!

Each pair of chefs were given a list of items 
that had to be in their dish.
The savory bites were prepared with octopus,
basil, ube (purple yam), stinging nettles(!),
and a few other items I can't remember.
3 judges then tasted and judged based on level of difficulty,
taste, and presentation.
The judges vote counted for 50% of the total vote.

Adam's boss, Chef Todd Fisher announced each chef & dish..

All of the crowd got a vote to put in a ballot box,
to vote for the best chef's dish.
This counted for the other 50% of the vote.

While things were going on,
Adam was at his station preparing his dish.

Adam's ingredients had to include the ube,
micro-basil, steel cut oats, and pomelo.

He created a brown sugar blondie, 
topped with a purple yam mousse and steel cut oat crisp,
sprinkled with olive oil infused pomelo crumble,
and micro basil garnish.
Oh my!
It was so good, I had a few :-)

Unfortunately Adam lost the judges vote,
but won the popular vote :-)
The tie-breaker was a quick game of corn hole.
Jessica, the other chef won soundly :-(

We had a great time, and Adam was thrilled to be included in this duel.
He'll be headed over to Pebble Beach next week for the
Pebble Beach Food & Wine event.

So proud :-)

Meanwhile at the park..

the poppies are beautiful!

We are happy with life, and Cooper!

Norma took this with her cute little camera,
much like a Polaroid.

The end :-)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Long overdue post - Tall Ships

Greenfield, CA

Time has flown by with not much to report I'm afraid.
We're enjoying our time here in California still,
even if we do miss the travel a bit.

Spring is in the air here, the trees are starting to bud.
The rain has greened everything up..


We've had some cold mornings, creating some snow on
the mountains above around 2500 feet.

Today we finally took a 'field trip' with Connie & Greg.
Our day started by dropping Cooper off at the vet
for his wellness check. 
It's great, we can pick him up
at the end of the day!
We then drove over to the Monterey area,
having breakfast at the Bayonet & Blackhorse Golf Club.
It was very yummy!

It was a beautiful day for a drive.
Greg headed to Fisherman's Wharf where there are 2
tall ships moored for most of the month.
were docked giving tours and adventure sails.

We watched them as they sailed out with some school kids.

As always the sea lions were prevalent,
this one taking a snooze in the sun.. well as this otter, wrapped in the kelp.

The four of us had our 'lunch'..
yummy sundaes from Ghirardelli.

It was a lovely day!!
Looking forward to more fun times..

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Beautiful mountains

Greenfield, CA

It's definitely winter here in central coast California.
We've been getting a lot of rain,
which is greening up the hills quite nicely.

The skies are never without a rainbow!

Sunday we had a Super Bowl party,
which was a huge success.

There were a lot of people there,
and good food as well.

The game was a 'ho-hummer',
but we had a good time anyway.

Monday night the mountains nearby got
a nice covering of snow.

I see that Google is doing away with Google + comments and followers.
Hopefully they won't do away with the blog at some point!

Life is going well here in California!