Friday, April 30, 2021

The goings on...

 Salinas, CA

It's the end of April already,
my how time flies!

Things are getting back 'to normal' 
here in California.
George and I are fully vaccinated now,
and feeling wonderful.

We took this picture of ourselves
on Easter Sunday.
Dressing up feels great!

One day we went up to another winery,
sitting in the sun, having a taste or two.

One of our favorite things to do
is drive over to Monterey.
We decided to walk around Cannery Row,
have some lunch, 
and enjoy the sunshine.

Never tire of the ocean views!

George has gotten into making pizza dough.

His pizza turned out nice!

Our sunsets have been splendid!

The birds have figured out that the birdbath
is for them.
The penguin keeps guard :-)

I'm so happy the roses are coming in.
This is the second year, 
and the blooms are gorgeous!

We've joined the Monterey Bay Aquarium,
one of the best in the nation.
There will be limited tickets,
mask ordinance,
and only members for a limited time.
We're going on May 13,
check out the next blog!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021


 Salinas, CA

Spring has made its appearance in California.
I know it always feels like spring here :-)

We've planted some veggies and herbs in the garden...
tomatoes, green and hot peppers,
chives, parsley, cilantro, oregano..

...and in this box are brussel sprouts, red cabbage,
and another tomato plant as well as bell pepper.

The orange fencing is up because our neighbor's cat
keeps getting into the boxes..grrr.

The Easter decorations are up and looking festive!

Cooper and I are enjoying the warm weather in the
back yard.

I bought some new, better fitting clothes.
A few of you have asked about my 'diet'.
I am on a program called Virta
a medically supervised Keto program.
I know there is a lot of controversy 
about Keto dieting,
but I find it works for me.
So far my A1C has dropped from 7 to 5.9
after 33 weeks on the plan.
My total weight loss so far is 27.4#
Getting healthier!

George has been dieting as well.
He's using the My Fitness Pal app,
counting calories, and logging everything.
He has lost 26.2# as well,
and had bloodwork yesterday.
His doctor will be so surprised next week!

He also shaved his mustache off!

George is fully vaccinated now,
and I get my second on April 9th.
We both feel so much freer!
California is getting more open.
Our aquarium is opening (with masks)
on May 1st.
The tourists are coming back :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Catching Up

 Salinas CA

Wow, it's been a month since I last posted.
Not much to blog about, 
just a catch up blog for the most part.

Our county is loosening up a bit,
from the 'Purple' Tier to the 'Red Tier'.
That just means that we now have indoor dining,
with masks and 25% capacity.
There are other openings as well.
I'm amazed at how many states seem to have no restrictions!

Spring came a bit early in our backyard.
These daffodils were my Mom's,
so it is a nice reminder when they bloom ;-)

Cooper sat still enough for a picture.

It got warm enough in February,
for about a week,
to sit outside and soak in the sun.
Cooper liked it too!

We're close to our municipal airport
to see some fun planes.
These two were doing some sort of tricks.

Our sunsets have been beautiful as well!

On another note,
George received his second vaccine
a few days ago.
I finally get my first one tomorrow.
We're still both following our respective diets.
I'm down 27# now, and George is down almost 25#
Covid won't catch us!

We enjoyed a nice 'catch up' dinner with my son Adam,
and daughter in law Jennifer last week as well.
Forgot to take a picture, but it was so good to hug them!

All is well here in California!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Almost Spring

 Salinas, CA

We are so sorry  for the winter that everyone
seems to be suffering through.
Friends in Minnesota, Alabama, and Texas
suffering through sub freezing temps,
even sub ZERO temps!
Of course family in Pennsylvania suffering
through snowfall upon snowfall.
I don't like sharing our temps, 
but *ahem* I will.
Our average daily temps now are in the high 60's,
and soon it will creep up into the 70's.
It's nice in the sun,
and we're starting to see spring arrive.

We haven't been very busy since last blog post.
There were some rainy days keeping us in.
Valentine's Day was nice.
I smoked a tri-tip on our smoker,
decorated the table with hearts..

..and made a keto-friendly cake for us..

The AT&T golf match was in Monterey again.
It's an annual event,
one that we've been to many times.
The celebrities golf with the pros,
raising money for charity.
Unfortunately due to Covid there were no fans,
nor celebrities this year.
The Good Year blimp parks at the Salinas airport,
right down the street from us..

I even saw it heading over to Monterey during 
one of my walks in the neighborhood..

George, being 70 years old,
was able to get his Covid vaccine last week.
I'm down the list as I am 64 still.
It's looking like April before I get mine.
Things are letting up here in Monterey County,
but we're still in the Purple tier,
meaning no indoor dining, no attractions are open.
It's hurting this high tourist area for sure.

We hope everyone is healthy and getting warm!

On our health kick front..
George has lost almost 20#,
and I've lost 25#!
Most importantly my A1C has dropped
from 7.0 to 5.9!
I'm .2% away from healed from Type 2 diabetes!
I'm thrilled!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Santa Cruz

 Salinas, CA

True to our pact to get out of the house,
we took a drive up to Santa Cruz yesterday.
We've had a lot of rain here lately,
and now a stretch of 70's weather is glorious.

Santa Cruz is only about 45 minutes north, 
on the sparkling Pacific Ocean.
Of course there is the boardwalk..

but we were more interested in seeing
the ocean, surfers, and anything else.

We stopped by the lighthouse,
which is also the Santa Cruz surfing museum.

It is closed due to Covid, 
but we've seen it before anyway.

This is an area where a lot of surfers spend time
trying to catch a wave.

There weren't any big ones today,
but they were trying!

As always there were sea lions barking,
while enjoying the sun..

George got a shot of me enjoying the sun as well :-)

We had a nice surprise and met up
with our friends for lunch.
California is back to dining outside,
so we met up at the Crow's Nest.
It was a bit chilly,
but nice to sit out!

I turned 64 on the 29th as well.
One more year until Medicare, woohoo!

Friday, January 15, 2021

A nice drive

 Salinas, CA

George and I promised that we would try to get
out of the house a few times per month.

The weather has gotten very nice this week,
highs in the 70's.
We decided since the waves have been high we'd take a drive
down to Big Sur, Monterey, and surrounding areas.

We started out on the drive taking highway 1 south
passing the iconic bridges along the way.
There were a few tourists taking up parking spots
to watch the waves.
The Bixby Bridge is the most photographed bridges.
The pullout where we get the best pictures
had no place to park!
We went to the next one, and got part of it!

It was a bit hazy from the fog,
but the ocean was beautiful.

We drove a bit further, but then decided to turn
around and head up to Pacific Grove.

As it was lunchtime, we stopped at Subway and picked up salads.
There is no dining in or out due to lockdown,
but takeout works.

There were some places in Pacific Grove to pull over and eat.
All the pull-outs were closed due to the high waves.
We ate in the car, watching the scenery.

Our next stop was Lover's Point,
a special place south, right before Monterey.
The waves were really crashing on the rocks there.

I could have stayed all day!

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area!

We missed the really high tide (called King Tides)
the week before. We wouldn't have been able
to stand where we were in these pictures then.
People get knocked down into the water all the time.

Not much else happening around here.
So glad the last few weeks are over (it's never going to be over!)
I find driving over to the ocean is calming.
Need to go over there more often!