Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A celebrity sighting

Greenfield, CA

Life is good here!
It's getting warmer, in fact today it's supposed to be 95!
The wind picks up in the afternoons,
cooling it down pretty fast.

Finally had a beautiful sunset the other night.

Saturday morning we had a cool moment.
Dennis Franz, of NYPD Blue fame checked in for a couple days.

He couldn't have been nicer.
Dennis and his wife and are traveling
in their motorhome from Santa Barbara
to their home in Couer d' Alene, ID.

He told us he's retired from the business,
but loving life!

Wedding plans for Adam & Jen are moving along.
The invitations are beautiful!

Her colors are peach and green,
and I found a lovely green skirt set
for the wonderful day.

There's a bridal shower being planned
for mid-July as well.

Exciting times!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer is around the corner!

Greenfield, CA

Life is good in California!

Cooper is growing like a weed,
now up to 7.4# at 5 months.
He got another grooming the other day,
he looks so cute!

Connie and Greg came down here a couple of times recently,
for what we like to call 'field trips'. 

We took a long, windy road over to Carmel Valley,
where we stopped at Folktale Winery
for a glass of wine and some cheese.

My son Adam's boss, Chef Todd Fisher,
 is associated with Folktale.
It was pretty cool as we got a nice discount :-)

Afterwards we kept driving to the Barnyard, Carmel.
It's a lovely shopping center,
all outdoors, with flowers and many levels.

I had found a cool place to eat lunch called
They are famous for their different fondue specials.

We had a 4 course meal which started with salad and
a cheese fondue,
then a beef & chicken fondue,
then ended with a chocolate fondue.

It was delicious!

 On Tuesday last week,
our besties came up so we could go to Hahn
to pick up our quarterly wine club offerings. 

The grapes are growing nicely!

They brought some cheese and crackers to enjoy..

We never tire of the view!

They always have nice flowers planted on the deck..

 The California Scrub Jay kept us company :-)

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one.
The park was packed to the brim!
There was a mass exodus yesterday,
I think 29 rigs left!

Summer is around the corner, more fun to be had :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Fun

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

I had the best Mother's Day this year.
Our manager let me take the day off
so I could spend the day with my Mom.

I drove up and attended church with her,
first time in almost a year!

Our favorite winery was having an event,
so we joined Connie and her daughter Julie
for a wine and cupcake pairing.

It was interesting, they had 3 mini-cakes,
all different flavors.
A lemon flavored one paired with the Chardonnay..

..while the red velvet and chocolate ones
paired with the several red wines.

It was actually very good!

It was pretty packed, a lot of women there, and a few men :-)

We got to sit in the VIP room..

We also have some exciting news..

we are going on a cruise to Alaska in August!

My Mom surprised us a few months back
by asking us if we wanted to join her.
It will be on American Cruise Lines,
embarking in Juneau, cruising to different ports,
and ending back in Juneau.

We're so excited!!!
It'll be the week before the wedding,
so it's going to be a busy month!