Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Moving forward - week one and two

Greenfield, CA

3 weeks ago we signed a sales agreement
 to build a house in Salinas.

More about the house:

It's in a Century community,
they have homes in areas all over the country.
You can see what our house will be

We have the Juniper model,
the Bungalow.

The house will have more gray tones and a front porch.

 We are having them put
a bedroom on the first floor for Mom.
She'll have her own bathroom with walk in shower,
grab bars, and taller toilet.

The first floor also has a nice great room, dining area, 
and big kitchen with an island.

Upstairs will be the master suite, laundry room,
and two extra bedrooms.
George is making one of the bedrooms a den,
(or man cave to get away from 2 females) :-)

There will be a nice backyard so Cooper will be in heaven.
We plan to have a garden back there, and a nice patio.

Last week the builders built the forms for the foundation...

This week they have the plumbing set up..

The foundation should be poured Friday!

Living in an RV for 7 years means no furniture,
so we went shopping this week!

We bought a bedroom set..

..a dining room set..

..and 2 barstools for the island in the kitchen.

Ashley Furniture was having a great sale!
Walmart was also having a nice sale,
so George bought 2 TV's.
A 65" for the great room,
and a 55" for his 'man cave'.

Things are coming along!

At the RV park it's been very hot!
110° yesterday, going to be 102° today.
The US Open golf tournament is being played
at the Pebble Beach golf course.
It is here every 10 years,
and it is well attended.
The park is full,
mostly golfers wanting to go watch the pros play.

We have the Vilano for sale,
if anyone is interested it's listed here:

George and I will miss traveling,
but it's time for a new chapter.

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Greenfield, CA

Holy smokes, in the almost 7 years of full time RVng,
I've never gone this long without catching up on the blog.

Last post was in April, but we've not been without fun things to do.

Later that month we drove to Paso Robles
for a Wine4Paws event with Connie & Greg.

A few weeks ago the 4 of us went to the museum of agriculture
and rural life in King City.
It was so interesting!

There were a few old produce trucks on display..

This one donated by our favorite winery :-)

They had some mock stores..

and some displays about the local farmers.

We really enjoyed it!

So on to the changes..
we're building a house!
We've decided to turn in the keys on full-time RVing.
(Yeah, right after we bought a new one 2 years ago!)

The decision was made for different reasons,
but mostly so we could have Mom move in with us.
We signed the contract last week.
This is our lot..

It is a Century home, 
a new development in Salinas.
It will be finished sometime in November,
so we have time to finish out our contract here at Yanks.
We'll be selling our truck and RV.

I'll be updating as building starts..
we're very excited for this new chapter!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Chef Duel!

Folktale Winery
Carmel, CA

My son Adam, who is a pastry sous chef at 7th & Dolores steakhouse
was recently part of a Chef Duel held at Folktale Winery.

I accompanied Adam's father in law over to watch the goings on.

The duel paired two chefs preparing a savory bite,
then the two pastry chefs with a sweet bite.

The event was held in the winery's barrel room,
which was a perfect place!

Each pair of chefs were given a list of items 
that had to be in their dish.
The savory bites were prepared with octopus,
basil, ube (purple yam), stinging nettles(!),
and a few other items I can't remember.
3 judges then tasted and judged based on level of difficulty,
taste, and presentation.
The judges vote counted for 50% of the total vote.

Adam's boss, Chef Todd Fisher announced each chef & dish..

All of the crowd got a vote to put in a ballot box,
to vote for the best chef's dish.
This counted for the other 50% of the vote.

While things were going on,
Adam was at his station preparing his dish.

Adam's ingredients had to include the ube,
micro-basil, steel cut oats, and pomelo.

He created a brown sugar blondie, 
topped with a purple yam mousse and steel cut oat crisp,
sprinkled with olive oil infused pomelo crumble,
and micro basil garnish.
Oh my!
It was so good, I had a few :-)

Unfortunately Adam lost the judges vote,
but won the popular vote :-)
The tie-breaker was a quick game of corn hole.
Jessica, the other chef won soundly :-(

We had a great time, and Adam was thrilled to be included in this duel.
He'll be headed over to Pebble Beach next week for the
Pebble Beach Food & Wine event.

So proud :-)

Meanwhile at the park..

the poppies are beautiful!

We are happy with life, and Cooper!

Norma took this with her cute little camera,
much like a Polaroid.

The end :-)