Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A trip to Deadwood with friends

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We're on the downhill slide here in Custer.
3 more weeks and we'll be heading out.

Our first stop will be Amarillo.
Since I'm on Obamacare (yuck, 5 more years until Medicare!),
I have to get any medical care in Texas.
My 'former' doctor has left the practice in Livingston.
I had to pick a new doctor on the HMO,
and found one in Amarillo.
We decided Amarillo would be convenient from here,
then we can shoot across Hwy 40 to California afterwards.

We're still not sure where we'll go in California,
still praying for a job there.

So on to yesterday's fun..

Since we've been full timing we've met lots of nice people.
George and I have been following the adventures of
Ray & Wendy Wright since they went full time
around the same time we did.
They work in Custer every summer
at the Custer State Park campgrounds.
We finally were able to meet them yesterday!

They picked us up around 9 am,
and we headed towards Deadwood.
It's been on our list to go to,
and the weather was perfect, sunny and in the 70's.

We stopped at Pactola Reservoir to tour the visitor center,
and see the lovely vistas.

We were surprised to learn that all the lakes in the Black Hills are man made.

A few minutes later we were in Deadwood.
We stopped first at the Days of 76 Museum.

It began as a way to honor Deadwood's first pioneers.
The museum features items from the gold rush of 1876,
as well as original wagons and a history of the rodeo.

This was the typical amount of supplies for 3 months
for the prospectors to use.

I don't think these prospectors would have made it :-)

There was a great Native American area
with some artifacts and information about the local
Lakota tribes.


We both loved the picture from 1939,
the 16th annual Days of '76.

The section about the rodeo was interesting..
Day's of '76 has been in existence for 94 years!

There was a great exhibit about one of the most important
people at the rodeo, the rodeo clown!

 Not a rodeo clown :-)

The wagons were so cool to see!
All of them are in the Days of  '76 parade.

After we made our way outside, we noticed an event
going on in the arena.
We caught the last couple minutes of a steer roping contest.

 We never did find out why the steer seem to have horns 
strapped to their heads.
I know it's easier to rope them, but they look a little silly!

We headed our way up Main street to check out the buildings.

We really enjoy walking the streets of Deadwood.
There are so many cool buildings there..

Ray & Wendy suggested we pop into the Stockade
for some beer and music.


The guy singing was pretty good,
if a bit R rated :-)
We enjoyed it though!
We all had a good laugh, 
and good lunch there.

We walked around some more,
then headed home.

George and I are so glad we finally got
together with Ray & Wendy.
They are great people,
and we're anxious to see them again
before we head down the road!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jewel Cave

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

Our weather here is trending cooler now.
The fireplace warms us up in the morning!
Been awhile since we've needed that :-)

Yesterday we took a ride over to Jewel Cave
to see what it's all about.

Our VIP pass got us either the Discovery Talk
or the basic Scenic Tour.
We decided to just do the easier Discovery Talk,
and when we go to Wind Cave will do the more strenuous 
Garden of Eden tour.

It's a beautiful setting in the Black Hills,
discovered by two brothers in 1900.
President Roosevelt declared it a National Monument in 1908.
The National Park Service started tours in 1939.

In 1939 only two miles of cave had been discovered.
In 1961 a geologist by the name of Dwight Deal
with the help of two rock climbing enthusiasts,
extended the length of the cave to almost 15 miles.

The Discovery Talk begins by taking an elevator 
down a shaft 230 feet to a platform
where we looked down into the cave even deeper.

Above us was a domed area of this big cave..

and some interesting formations..

We did enjoy the quick introduction to the cave,
but almost regretted not doing the more strenuous tour.
They said it has 723 steps, the equivalent of 40 flights of stairs!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dinner and a show

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We have been wanting to go see the
so we made reservations for yesterday.
The admission was free with our VIP card,
normally it's $29 per person!

George and I arrived early to walk around
and look at the Old Town Square.
It's formerly the Dances with Wolves set.

The storm clouds were impressive in the distance.

We walked around and looked at some of the buildings.
Because we were too early, 
there was no one demonstrating yet.

I don't think we were missing anything :-)

Once the doors opened at 6:15,
we went inside to get our assigned seat
at a long picnic table.
We actually had great seats facing the stage,
and the place was only half full.

Our instructions were given as to how to line up
to get our meal.
This cowboy was hilarious :-)

Our dinner consisted of BBQ beef brisket or chicken,
a baked potato, baked beans, applesauce,
a biscuit, and a piece of spice cake.
Lemonade was served in a tin cup,
and the dinner on a tin plate.
It was pretty good!

After dinner the entertainment started..

It was a terrific western band.
The fiddler, Liz introduced herself as
Elizabeth the concert violinist/Liz the fiddler :-)

They played everything from good old western music,
some classics,
and some sing-a-long oldies.

They ended the show with 'God Bless the USA'
which was great.

We really had a great time and glad we went!

It's back to work today for the next 5 days.
The motorcycle rally is going strong,
but we'll be glad to not hear motorcycles in the distance :-)