Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A surprise visit from friends

Greenfield, CA

I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already!
This year is flying by,
but I think I say that often.
We're currently experiencing 'weather for the locals',
as the local news people say.
The tourists for the most part have gone home,
and the coastal temps rise up to the 70's.

We've enjoyed some amazing sunsets lately..

Even Cooper likes looking out the window at them.

Last Thursday, on 11/1, my Mom turned 81!
I drove her over to where Adam works,

We started off with a couple of cocktails,
then I had their fabulous burger,
Mom had an Ahi Tuna salad,
and we shared yummy onion straws.

Adam brought out Creme' Brulee for my Mom,
and I had a square of pineapple upside down cake
paired with a small scoop of bourbon ice cream.
Wish I would have thought to get a picture!

Cooper has been wearing his little sweater for his
morning and evening walks.
It's been chilly in the morning!

Earlier last week I saw that Howard and Linda Payne,
from RV-Dreams, were in California.
They were our mentors when we started out on the road.
They recently sold their 40' fifth wheel and
have downsized to a class C, towing their jeep.

I got in touch with them to let them know we 
were working at Yanks RV Resort,
and would be here for awhile.
They decided to stay here for 3 nights.
It wasn't out of their way as they do their fall travels.

Friday afternoon they checked in,
and after work we all went out for Mexican food.

Saturday both of them relaxed and did some work
while we worked our jobs.
We invited them over to see our fifth wheel,
as Linda said 'a mansion compared to their new class C'.
We shared a bottle of wine, and they met Cooper.

Sunday George and I got off a bit early,
and took them up to Hahn to do some wine tasting.
We had a great time!

Linda bought a bottle of wine, 
and we set outside until the sun set.
Thanks to Howard for taking pictures!

Afterward we made our way to the local pizza place,
where we laughed about life as we ate.

Monday they left to head south on their travels.
We gave them hugs and vowed to not let so much time go by again.
It sure didn't feel like 5 years since we'd seen them last!

George and I have made plans for Thanksgiving.
We'll be going out with Mom, and our friends Connie & Greg.

Life is so good!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Anniversary fun

Greenfield, CA

7 years ago on the 22nd of October, George and I got married!
We've celebrated in different cities,
doing different things.

This year, since we're so close to Monterey,
we decided to take a whale watching trip and go out to dinner.

For $98 we booked a 4 hour trip.
It sails from the Monterey Fisherman's wharf.

There are lots of fishing boats in the harbor.
It was a gray day with the marine layer in.

I never tire of the otters in the water.

We dutifully took our sea-sick pills an hour before,
and boarded at 9 am.
The water in the harbor was pretty calm.

It wasn't long before we saw our first humpback!

She (or he) was swimming beside another one.

It was about this point that the swells and rocking of the
boat was getting to me and about 6 others :-(
George gladly took over the camera duties for me.
I saw a lot of the water off of the back of the boat :-)

It got a bit sunnier as we sailed north near the
 Moss Landing Power Plant.

We continued to see whales during the trip.

I felt much better after we got off the boat,
and George got us some McDonald's fries :-)

After stopping off to see Mom and doing some grocery shopping,
we came home and got ready for dinner.
We went to our favorite Italian restaurant, Luigi's.
No pictures, but believe me it was a nice dinner!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Huh? George can hear!

Greenfield, CA

George has been experiencing hearing loss for the last
few years from all his years in a rattling chip truck.

I know from my Father's experience that hearing aids
can be so costly as to be prohibitive for most people.

George did some research online
 after having a hearing exam when we were back in PA last year.
The doctor back there gave him his exam results,
but his estimate was over $6,000!
Even with payments, it made it way too costly.

George finally found hearing aids (the same ones he was fitted with)
online at a site called HearStore for a fraction of the cost!
He purchased them for $2800.00, with a promotional $1,000 off.
They set up a $150/month no interest payment plan as well.
They contacted a local audiologist in Salinas,
who then fitted him with the hearing aids the Hear Store sent them.

They are inconspicuous, tucked inside his ear,
with the small wire over his ear.

 He absolutely loves them! 
There's quite a difference in his ability to hear things.
George even said on a walk recently how he's hearing birds
chirping in the trees that he couldn't hear well before!

We recently broke down and got 2 new phones as well.
George's Note 4 phone died one day, and he got a new Note 8.
My battery has not been holding a charge all the way either,
and so I got a new Samsung S9.
We both are quite happy with them.
Mine takes such great pictures!
Here's the latest of Cooper,
now 10# and almost 10 months old.

This is a goofy emoji that my phone's camera created of me :-)

The weather is turning to fall here now.
The wind we normally get during the summer months has died down.
We've even got an early rainfall!