Saturday, May 16, 2020

Rough times

Salinas CA

For those of you who don't see this on Facebook...
my Mom went to see Jesus and Dad on May 5th, 2020.

She apparently had a heart attack while enjoying
a short walk with Cooper.
We were grocery shopping and were alerted
by a neighbor ringing our doorbell
which we get on our phones.
They called 911 and wonderful neighbors started CPR
as we rushed home.
Unfortunately neither the neighbor or EMTs
could revive her.

A memorial service will be later this summer.

You can access her obituary here..

We miss her.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Happy Easter!

Salinas, CA

Happy Easter to everyone!

We actually enjoyed our Easter,
worshiping virtually online with our church family.

I made a nice dinner, with ham, scalloped potatoes,
deviled eggs, and a carrot cake to top it off.

We've been coping pretty well with the 
'shelter in place' orders.
I've been baking,
even trying my hand at bread..

George broke down and bought lawn tools,
as paying a gardener every week
was getting expensive.

Our weather is always beautiful,
so it makes for a great garden!
We've got two types of romaine growing.. well as tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.

 All of us have been very careful when we DO have to go out.
Groceries, Lowe's, doctor appointments
look much different now.
One of our church friends made masks for sale,
so we picked 3 up one day.
George has been doing our grocery shopping,
always with mask and gloves.
I won't let Mom out in the public for her own safety.
So far we're virus free.

Soon this will be over,
and we'll be back to 'normal'.

Until then, stay home, stay safe!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Sheltering in Place

Salinas, CA

Well, what a crazy few weeks it has been!

As everyone is in the same boat,
and the new buzz word is Coronavirus,
George and I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Where we live, in Monterey County, CA,
we've had reports of 4 confirmed cases of the virus.
Certainly not impressive numbers, but we
wonder how many are out there roaming around
that don't know they're contagious.
We're both glad that the governor has put forward
a 'shelter in place' order to keep
the masses from spreading the germs out there.

Our church stopped having services a few Sundays ago,
and since all of us are huggers,
we thought it was a good idea.
They are posting the services on Facebook which is cool.

The three (4!) of us are doing fine.
All of us are healthy.
We have plenty of food, supplies,
and things to read/watch/do.
The weather has been glorious,
so walks around the block have been numerous.

I've been cooking and baking,
and we're binge watching things on Netflix a lot.
Napping happens a lot!

Cooper got his grooming in before the state shut down,
but he gets annoyed if we don't give him treats
 when he wants one.

The restaurant that my son works for
has shut down, not even pickup/delivery :-(
He and Jen are laid off for now,
having some couple time.

Hopefully this will be all over soon,
and not go on for the months they're predicting.
All our 401k balances are tanking
and that scares me more than the virus!

Take care everyone,
our thoughts and prayers are with everyone!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Date night and more!

Salinas CA

Since our last post we've been busy!
Can't beat the CA sunshine.

Our church has a 'Senior Fling' once a month.
Though Mom and George didn't want to go, 
I decided it sounded like fun.
15 of us car pooled down to
Rocky Point restaurant in Big Sur. 
It was a perfect day for the views..

We even saw a few whale spouts out in the distance..

I really enjoyed being with these special ladies!

I had a great shrimp louie salad

The group meets once a month, sometimes going 
out to eat somewhere, sometimes just a game day.
I enjoy their company!

George and I decided on a date night too.
An ABBA tribute band called ABBA Mania
was playing in the local theater.
The group is actually from the UK,
but they use Swedish accents, wigs,
and costumes to make it very authentic. 

They really did a great job,
everyone was singing along!

As you can see we had great seats,
right up at the stage..

It was a great show!!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Another month goes by

Salinas, CA

We've been busy as usual, 
fitting in some social time with friends.

On the 8th we went on a chocolate walk 
with a couple we friended at the RV park.
It was a lot of fun, walking the blocks
of oldtown Salinas and picking up chocolates
at the shops.

This shop had 'toasted' marshmallows over dark chocolate.
He used candles, it was interesting.

Two weeks after my birthday is Adam's.
He turned 35! 

Mom and I met he and Jen and Jen's parents,
Martha and Steve, in Carmel.

The food was delicious, and we got to try
a lot of things off the menu.
Jen works there so we got special treatment :-)

Saturday George and I took Cooper over to Monterey.
We had never taken him 'out in public' so to speak.
We walked out on Fisherman's wharf,
where Cooper loved all the smells and birds.

George lifted him up to see the sea lions.

We also found one of the dog friendly restaurants..

Cooper flirted with all the people sitting
next to us,
but finally calmed down while we
enjoyed a drink and an appetizer.
The server brought dog treats for him :-)

Earlier in the month I had another kidney stone, (my third!),
sending me to a visit to the ER.
They decided to admit me when the CT scan
showed it was a 5.5 and may require surgery.
Fortunately (?) they sent me home to pass it,
which it finally did the next evening.
No fun!!

Other than that, life is good!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Another year older

Salinas, CA

We finally have a backyard!

We hired a terrific landscaper who
took my basic design,
and got it done in less than a week!

Things were a mess for awhile.
His crew put in the border for the flowerbeds,
then brought in some nice topsoil for the grass areas.

He had us buy all the plants,
then they planted them..

We bought a mandarin orange tree to
go along with my Mom's lemon tree.

Finally they brought the sod in and got it all rolled out..

The finished product!
Took some shots from the upstairs windows..

The landscaper put in two garden boxes
where we will plant some veggies when it gets warmer.

Mom bought us some patio furniture for my birthday.
It should be delivered any day now :)

Speaking of my birthday..
we had a nice celebration with Greg & Connie
at a great restaurant up in Morgan Hill.

They even surprised me with a yummy cake :-)

Getting older isn't so bad!